Thursday 18 August 2016

Breaking the Rules Chapter 7 Tease

A taste of what's next for Connor and Adam

After returning to Ridgemont, Connor and Adam are in the mood for some fun. Find out what happens in the exclusive chapter 7. There's a teaser below...

Connor stood with his bags next to his car as the sun was setting over Ridgemont University. He had driven a bit faster than Adam, and was waiting to welcome him at the entrance to Initia Nova so that they could walk in together. Connor was still slightly nervous about what the other guys in the dorm would say about the picture that Vernon had sent around of Adam and Connor kissing. But with Adam by his side, Connor knew that he would feel much more comfortable. He would walk through the quad and up to his room proudly.

Connor remembered how he had kissed Adam, pushing him against the tree in Donovan Square, rubbing his groin against Adam’s and feeling the hardness of Adam’s muscular body. As he stood in the parking lot, Connor’s blue jeans began to feel even tighter as his manhood expanded at the thought. Adam was extremely sexy. The smell of his cologne had intoxicated Connor, turning him into a ravenous animal who couldn’t resist kissing Adam in that moment. All Connor could think of as he waited by his car was kissing Adam again, and going even further when he got the chance.
Connor saw the headlights of Adam’s car pull up in the parking lot in front of Initia Nova. The sleek black Peugeot Sports Coupe seemed to glide through the night, and soon Adam had pulled into his parking bay and was getting out of the car. Adam walked over to Connor, grabbing one of the bags on the ground by Connor’s feet. Adam’s strong, bulging arms seemed to lift the bag as though it was weightless, even though Connor had struggled with it moments before. Adam’s dark brown crew cut hair and strong, square jaw seemed to starkly contrast with the warm smile that broke out over his lips. Adam was a bundle of contradictions.

“Ready to head in, Connor? We have to face the music sometime, right?” Adam said, maintaining his smile and not seeming nervous at all about going back into Initia Nova after creating yet another scandal. Adam had built up a reputation the year before of being a notable partier, and after his friends had vandalized the swim team’s lounge, Adam was put on probationary re-admittance to the university. But the side of Adam that Connor was getting to know was much more responsible.
Adam was a great mentor to Connor. Connor was almost sad to have been assigned a new mentor. But there was no way that the resident head, Prof Steyn, would’ve allowed Adam to mentor someone when a picture of him kissing that freshman was floating around campus. Connor was much more interested in getting close to Adam than he was in Adam being his mentor. Besides, Adam would mentor him in other ways now that they were free to date…

They walked through the front gates together, carrying Connor’s bags. Night had almost descended, and the soft lights of the quad were already emitting a calming glow. Connor got the chance to admire Nova, as the students called it, for the first time. It was magnificent, with nine interconnected sections built in spiral towers around the quad. The quad was adorned with a few trees and an exquisite, large dining hall at the far end. The French-style architecture gave Nova a homely yet cultured feel. 

Connor finally realized how lucky he was to be at Nova, even with his rocky start at Ridgemont University. And even more than that, he was lucky to have met someone like Adam.
Adam turned to Connor, his olive-brown eyes reflecting the faint lights of the quad, and said: “I’m really glad you came back with me. I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I caused you to give up on Ridgemont, or Nova. The guys here are really great. You’ll see.”

“Well, I saw some of them in the showers already, so I know of at least a few reasons why I’m happy to be back at Nova,” Connor smiled. His eyes lit up and he tilted his head playfully to the side so that his light blond hair swayed slightly. “I hope it doesn’t make you too jealous that I’ve been noticing the other guys here.”

Adam raised his eyebrow, a naughty glint in his eye, and said, “I’m very jealous, actually. I don’t want to share you with any of the other guys. Besides, all these guys already saw us kissing in Vernon’s picture. If they know what’s good for them…” 

As they stood in the quad at the entrance to Connor’s section, Adam dropped the bag he was carrying and looked around at the other sections of Initia Nova. “In fact, why don’t we give them something to really talk about? If they want to be in our business so much, why should we hide anything?”

Adam walked over to Connor and gently took the bags from his hands, putting them down next to him. He held Connor’s hands and looked deep in his eyes. “The quad is quite dark at night. It feels a bit… naughty to kiss you right here, right now.”

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