Saturday 20 August 2016

Second Chances Blurb and Cover Reveal!

Second Chances

An Ian and Simon Story

It's been a few months since Simon and Ian moved in together, and everything is going well. Simon and Ian are deeply in love, and they won't let anything tear them apart. Not even the fact that Ian is interviewing for a job at the biggest media company in the country, a job that might take him to the other side of the country. Not even the fact that Simon isn't completely sure that he can follow Ian.

Ian has to face all of the excitement and... temptation... that big city life has to offer when he leaves for his week-long interview process. He meets a handsome, charming and mysterious man, Dean, on his trip who tries to convince Ian that there is more to life than Cape Town can offer him. But all Ian can think about is Simon.

While Ian is away at his interview, Simon gets a second chance to fix one of the great regrets of his young life: missing out on an interview with Harry Baleka. Simon and Zuko attend a youth journalism summit where they learn a lot about the business and where they are presented with amazing new opportunities. The only problem is that these opportunities might mean that Simon is torn away from the man he loves...

If things weren't complicated enough, Simon runs into someone he had hoped never to see again, the person who had almost ruined the previous year of his life, Margeaux Chamberlain. Simon has to navigate all of these challenges while Ian is far away, and it proves a lot more difficult than he had anticipated.

Will Ian and Simon find their way back to each other? Will they be able to make it work when their careers seem to be pulling them apart? Find out in this continuation of their story as they both face their second chances.