Thursday 18 August 2016

Dreamer (Short Read)


Gay romance mm short read

Isaac looked at his phone, unable to believe the message that Timothy had just sent to him. Could this be real? Was Timothy really inviting him over for some afternoon fun? Isaac stood up from his sofa and tried to smooth his wild tangle of hair with the palm of his hand. He had just awoken half an hour before after a late night of studying, and it was already after 2 p.m. when he received Timothy's message.

They had been flirting for months. Timothy would always wait for Isaac after class, offer to carry his books and greet him with a warm smile. But Isaac never imagined that Timothy liked him like that. Timothy was incredibly hot. He was tall and lanky, with a broad chest and deliciously tanned skin. He had large green eyes and his hair was styled in a wavy, medium-length side-parting style. He wore a soft beard across his jaw which made him look rugged and manly. Timothy had bumped into Isaac after class one day as they both got to the exit at the same time, and the look Timothy had given him had Isaac instantly hooked. They spoke briefly a few times, and Timothy had asked for Isaac's number to get some notes from him a few weeks before. All very innocent, or at least that was what Isaac had thought. Now, Timothy was sending him flirty, dirty invitations in the middle of the day.

Isaac grabbed a t-shirt from the bundle of clothes on his bed and pulled it on. He didn't want to waste a second in getting to Timothy. As he rushed to the door and grabbed his car keys, a smile crept over his lips. It was going to be a fun afternoon. That much he was sure of...