Saturday 6 August 2016

Meet Simon Northbrook

Simon Northbrook
Simon is a journalism major writing for the Ridgemont Weekly. He is a skilled writer, but he suffers from confidence problems and always overthinks things instead of springing into action when he needs to. As a result, he's not sure that he's ready to be editor of the Weekly when Ian Peters graduates.

Simon has had a crush on Ian since they met. His best friend, Olivia, has been trying to convince Simon to go for Ian and to stop holding back. But Simon's not sure that Ian is into guys, and Simon's rival at the Weekly, Margeaux, is making life even more difficult by setting her sights on Ian.

Simon is friendly and approachable, and loves meeting new people. However, he hates the Ridgemont nightlife and prefers to spend his days with his nose in a book or writing a new story for the weekly. He has a younger sister whom he adores.

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