Sunday 7 August 2016

Meet Ian Peters

Ian Peters
Ian is the editor of the Ridgemont Weekly student newspaper. He runs a tight ship, and is a natural leader, radiating confidence and energy and inspiring the other journalists at the Weekly to do their best work. Ian's rugged good looks and charming smile make him popular with the many guys and girls at Ridgemont, but Ian is way too focused on his ambitions as a young journalist to care too much about dating. However, there is someone who has caught Ian's eye...

Ian has noticed Simon Northbrook trying to impress him, and he finds Simon intriguing. Something about Simon is making Ian have feelings that he has never had before. Ian wants to say something, but he is worried that he won't be able to make things work with Simon. He can't really be with a guy; it's not what anyone expects of him.

Ian is always the life of the party and handles himself well in any setting. He is the consummate professional. He loves investigating juicy stories. He is being scouted by the best media companies in the country, and once he graduates, he'll have to start making some tough decisions about his future.

Read Ian and Simon's story in Hot Off the Press: Ridgemont University #1.