Tuesday 9 August 2016

Meet JP Terreblanche

JP Terreblance

JP (Jean-Pierre) Terreblanche is one of the fiercest competitors on the Ridgemont University swim team.

Even though JP realises he's not the most talented swimmer, he loves being in the pool and he pushes himself to become better every day.

However, JP's family don't really understand his dedication to swimming. They would much rather JP spend his time studying more or learning more about the family business, Terreblanche International, a multinational corporation founded by JP's grandfather. JP's parents have always prided themselves on the family name, but JP could never be a corporate drone like his father or grandfather. He would much rather spend his time in the pool.

JP's best friends are all on the swim team with him. Even though they're not the brightest guys, at least they know how to have fun. And that's all JP cares about while he's a student at Ridgemont University. Once he gets his degree, he'll have to fall in line and be ready to take on a lot of the responsibilities of the family business. For now, all JP wants to do is party.

JP is annoyed at one of the freshman swimmers on the team, Darryn Fredericks, who always acts like he's better than everyone. Darryn never socializes with the other guys. Sure, Darryn's talented, but that's no reason to be pompous. JP sets out to knock Darryn off his high horse and beat him in the finals of the Ridgemont University swimming championships.

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