Wednesday 10 August 2016

Meet Jesse Montgomery

Jesse Montgomery
Jesse Montgomery is a shy, private final-year student at Ridgemont University, majoring in Psychology. He loves spending time with his dog, Scampers, and going for hikes in the beautiful nature reserves of the Ridgemont Valley.

Jesse's best friend, Phillip, is always trying to drag Jesse along to the hangouts of Ridgemont, but Jesse prefers staying home with a good book or gardening. 

Jesse is self-conscious about his mild stutter, which gets worse when he is nervous. He hates public speaking, and he is dreading the presentation which he has to give as part of his psychology course with the strict head of department Prof. Ndlovu. 

Deep down, Jesse wants to find love, but he has been hurt too much in the past and doesn't really trust guys anymore. When Luke Brennan comes into his life, Jesse feels the immediate impulse to run, but something about Luke intrigues him. Hopefully Luke doesn't end up hurting Jesse again...

Read Jesse and Luke's story in All-Nighters: Ridgemont University #3.