Meet the Guys

Ian Peters

Ian Peters is the gorgeous, charming editor-in-chief at the Ridgemont Weekly News, whose smile could knock the wind out of you.

Simon Northbrook

Simon Northbrook is a 19-year-old Journalism major and a subeditor at the Ridgemont Weekly News. He edits political news and writes features for the Weekly.

Darryn Fredericks


Darryn Fredericks is an 18-year-old swimming wunderkind who has received a scholarship to study at the prestigious Ridgemont University. He comes from the wrong side of the tracks, and he’s determined to work hard to make life better for himself and his family, especially his young brother who suffers from psychological problems and needs special care. He is on track to be recruited for the national swimming team, if he can only stay focused and not let himself get distracted. 

JP Terreblanche


JP is one of the rich, privileged students at Ridgemont, and he sees Darryn as a threat to his own swimming success. JP especially can’t stand the way Darryn judges him because of his wealth, because there is so much more to his life than just his money. Besides, JP’s grandfather puts intense pressure on him to live up to the family name.

Jesse Montgomery


 Jesse Montgomery is in the same Psychology class as Luke. He has had terrible luck with guys in the past, and it makes him a bit of a recluse, only enjoying the company of his loyal dog Scampers. Jesse has had a troubled past, mostly being ignored by his workaholic parents, and has developed social anxiety. His ex-boyfriend, Martin, cheated on Jesse repeatedly, and as a result Jesse doesn’t trust anyone except his best friend Phillip.


Luke Brennan

 Luke Brennan is a Psychology major at Ridgemont University. He has a dark, tragic past, and he is doing everything he can to try and fight away the memories of the loss that he has suffered. Luke seeks out fun and adventure wherever he can, hooking up with the hottest guys at Ridgemont and going on extreme sports adventures all across South Africa. But when Luke is confronted with a ghost from his past, someone who had hurt him greatly and whom he had vowed never to speak to again, his world is thrown into chaos and all of the memories come flooding back.


Connor Olivier 

Connor Olivier is a freshman at Ridgemont University, living in Initia Nova, one of the newer residence halls on campus. He has always lived by the rules: head prefect in school, straight-A student, and a bit of a stick in the mud. His small-town background and strict, religious upbringing always made him feel stifled, and the fact that he had steadily dated a girl all through high school never quite felt right. Studying at Ridgemont University is his chance to finally let loose and find himself.