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Hot Off the Press

MM/ gay character driven sweet romance 
Simon Northbrook is a 19-year-old Journalism major and a subeditor at the Ridgemont Weekly News. Ian Peters is the gorgeous, charming editor-in-chief, whose smile could knock the wind out of you. They work at the most respected university newspaper in the country, and Simon’s ambition and great organizational skills ensure that he’s Ian’s right hand man. Simon feels like he can trust Ian completely, but there’s one thing he hasn’t told him yet: his feelings for Ian are more than just professional admiration, and it’s making it difficult for Simon to think straight. 

Ian is about to graduate and Simon is vying for the position of editor, so he has to work extra hard to impress the other journalists at the Weekly, especially Ian. But something is standing in his way: the equally ambitious and hypercompetitive Margeaux Chamberlain is ready to do anything to be the editor herself, including making a move on Ian. 

When Simon and Ian start working on a story that could rock the entire campus, a story that affects the people that Simon cares about most, they end up spending a lot of time together… and sparks begin to fly. Could Ian really feel the same way about Simon? And will Simon be able to get over his fears and tell Ian how he feels before he falls into the trap that Margeaux has set for him? 

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Against the Tide

M/M gay character driven sweet romance and drama

Darryn Fredericks is an 18-year-old swimming wunderkind who has received a scholarship to study at the prestigious Ridgemont University. He comes from the wrong side of the tracks, and he’s determined to work hard to make life better for himself and his family, especially his young brother who suffers from psychological problems and needs special care. He is on track to be recruited for the national swimming team, if he can only stay focused and not let himself get distracted. 

Unfortunately, his rival on the swim team, JP Terreblanche, seems intent on making his life a living hell. JP is one of the rich, privileged students at Ridgemont, and he sees Darryn as a threat to his own swimming success. JP especially can’t stand the way Darryn judges him because of his wealth, because there is so much more to his life than just his money. Besides, JP’s grandfather puts intense pressure on him to live up to the family name. But Darryn doesn’t seem to see that. 

Their bitter rivalry leads to struggles for both of them, especially when JP’s thuggish friend Peet sets out to ruin Darryn’s life. But in the midst of all of their competitiveness and misunderstandings, feelings start to develop, feelings neither of them could have anticipated… 

Will Darryn be able to overcome the hurdles Peet puts in his way and support his struggling family? Will JP be able to forge his own path and break free from the expectations of his grandfather? And who will be triumphant in the finals of the Ridgemont University swimming championships?


One night could change your life forever... If you can learn to let go...

Standalone entry set in the fictional Ridgemont Univesity. MM gay sweet college romance. No cliffhangers, HEA

Luke Brennan is a Psychology major at Ridgemont University. He has a dark, tragic past, and he is doing everything he can to try and fight away the memories of the loss that he has suffered. Luke seeks out fun and adventure wherever he can, hooking up with the hottest guys at Ridgemont and going on extreme sports adventures all across South Africa. But when Luke is confronted with a ghost from his past, someone who had hurt him greatly and whom he had vowed never to speak to again, his world is thrown into chaos and all of the memories come flooding back.

These disruptions couldn’t come at a worse time for Luke. He is about to start one of the most demanding assignments of his undergraduate career, the project that is make or break for the students who want to be accepted into the prestigious Ridgemont graduate Clinical Psychology program in Psychology. Luke has to stay up all night preparing for the assignment. But luckily, his nights are not lonely…

After a tryst with a handsome classmate, Jesse Montgomery, Luke discovers that his future is inextricably tied to Jesse’s, and Luke has to confront the demons of his past in order to make sense of his life. The journey he embarks on shakes Luke to his core.

Jesse Montgomery is in the same Psychology class as Luke. He has had terrible luck with guys in the past, and it makes him a bit of a recluse, only enjoying the company of his loyal dog Scampers. Jesse has had a troubled past, mostly being ignored by his workaholic parents, and has developed social anxiety. His ex-boyfriend, Martin, cheated on Jesse repeatedly, and as a result Jesse doesn’t trust anyone except his best friend Phillip.

Jesse has a mild stutter that makes him especially nervous about the upcoming Psychology assignment and the oral presentation he has to give in front of his entire class. He has been working towards being a clinical psychologist for as long as he can remember, and nothing will stand in the way of him achieving his dream. Not even his ex-boyfriend Martin resurfacing in his life, or the mysterious Luke Brennan.

When Jesse has a chance encounter with Luke one night, he has to confront his fear of being used by guys, and he has to build up the confidence to take a chance on a guy who might just be the one to change Jesse’s life forever.

Luke and Jesse spend sleepless nights working on their massive assignment while dealing with the people they wish they could have left in their pasts. At the same time, the attraction between them grows. Are either of them really ready to accept the other into their lives? Can they find happiness while working through their pain? Find out in the third standalone Ridgemont University book, All-Nighters.

This book contains medium heat and medium angst. Some mature themes, including descriptions of mental and physical health conditions. Emphasis on sweet romantic moments and slow burn, character driven true love.

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Rewriting Destiny

A magnetic attraction... Someone I started to love long ago... But our destinies are pulling us apart.

MM gay sweet/ wholesome college romance. No explicit content. Focus on slow burn true love and character building. No cliffhangers, HEA

Kyle Abrahams
is a wunderkind science geek. He has just started doing his masters in engineering, the youngest student ever accepted into the program at Ridgemont University. He graduated high school at only 15-years-old and finished his undergrad degree at the age when most other students were only starting theirs. In his research at the Academy for Experimental Science and Technology, Kyle has developed something that might seem impossible: a window into the future, a device that can calculate probabilities and predict events with amazing accuracy. He realizes how dangerous the machine can be and doesn't know if he should go public with it, but while he figures that out he uses the machine for his own benefit: to profit from the stock market, to apply for research grants and to finally impress people at parties with his new 'psychic' abilities.

Unfortunately, the device predicts something terrible will happen in the near future: Marshall de Villiers, the Ridgemont rugby champion and high-school friend of Kyle’s, will suffer a devastating accident during the championship final rugby match. Kyle decides that, since it was his machine that predicted it, it's his duty to save Marshall. Besides, maybe for once the geek can be the hero. It's up to Kyle to get close to Marshall, not giving away too much about his device but somehow making Marshall trust him, and to convince him to drop out of the match.

Marshall de Villiers is the overconfident, charming captain of the Ridgemont University rugby team. Marshall is loved by everyone, and he's always the center of attention, but there's a side to Marshall that no one knows. Deep down, Marshall is wondering whether being the “rugby legend” is all that he is, and whether fulfilling his father’s dreams is all that he’s destined for. His father had mapped out Marshall’s life since before the day he was born: Marshall would be everything that his father never could by becoming a professional rugby player. But Marshall wonders if he can change his destiny and pursue his secret dream of being a songwriter. Of course, no one will even entertain the thought of Marshall doing anything besides rugby.

When Marshall runs into childhood friend Kyle Abrahams again, the guy who was such a genius that he skipped two grades in high school, Marshall is intrigued by someone who is so fearlessly himself. Marshall finds himself drawn to Kyle; maybe this is finally someone he can show all of the parts of himself to, someone he can trust to accept him for who he is. But when Kyle starts talking crazy, telling Marshall to drop out of the championship game because something terrible is about to happen, the trust between them is tested. Marshall wants to believe that he is in charge of his own destiny, and nothing is meant to be, no matter how sure Kyle is that his computer program's prediction is right. Will Marshall listen to Kyle’s ramblings and trust the program that Kyle seems to place all of his faith in? Or will he follow his father’s wishes and be the man his father believes he was meant to become?

Kyle and Marshall soon start to realize that their destinies are intertwined, and that the feelings that are starting to develop between them might be written in the stars. But if Marshall goes through with the rugby match and the program's prediction is right, their journey might just be cut short. It’s a conflict of science and faith, brain and brawn, self-determination and predestination in this tale of love, trust, and being who you truly are.

Medium heat, medium angst. Emphasis on sweet romantic moments and character-driven, slow burn true love.

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