Friday 2 September 2016

Steamy gay romance

Adding heat without sex

I've always been a much bigger fan of the steamy moments between characters where they show just how much they are into each other, rather than descriptions of erotic moments without the buildup. I want to see the characters reach the point where they can't go another second apart, where the tension between them is so strong that they need to be together. That's why I love writing intimate, private, steamy moments in sweet gay m/m romances rather than erotica. I love taking the reader on a journey with my characters where they can see what they're doing when they're alone together, where they can see each moment of how they fall in love.

Usually, my characters are from two different worlds, two completely different ways of thinking about things, and they need to find common ground before they can be together. I like to see the fusion of things that ordinarily wouldn't fit, but finding something that brings them together in a way that isn't just believable, but inevitable. The guys were meant to be together, and falling in love is a natural journey for them.

Of course, it's also fun to see what they do once they finally reach the point where they have sex. Even though my novels aren't erotic, I've included sex in some of my writing which is a lot of fun. Adding heat in other ways is what gets my mind working and makes me care about the relationship so much more.

The most fun I have as a writer is seeing my characters really surrender to the love they're feeling for each other. I want them to have earned the intimacy, not just jump into bed together (even though some of my characters do this, it's usually not the end of their journey, but the start of some new challenge for them). Most of all, I want to see the happily-ever-after, the kiss that seals the deal, the rush of euphoria when everything comes together and culminates in true love.