Wednesday 7 September 2016

'Rewriting Destiny' Cover Reveal!

Rewriting Destiny Cover Reveal!

The forth book in the Ridgemont University series of sweet gay romance m/m novels, Rewriting Destiny, will be released soon!  To whet your appetite, here's the cover! The book is a science fiction gay love story, where the characters have to wrestle with their fates. Do they follow the path that seems meant to be, or do they rewrite their own destinies?

The novel follows the story of Kyle and Marshall, two Ridgemont students who have taken very different paths after being high school friends. Kyle graduated high school two years early and went on to be an engineering and science wunderkind, and has just been accepted into the Ridgemont University Academy of Experimental Science and Technology. He has perfected a device developed by his professor. The device has the ability to predict events up to a week in advance with startling accuracy. Kyle uses the device for his own purposes, but he discovers something shocking, and he has to race against time to warn his childhood friend Marshall.

Marshall is the captain of the Rigemont University rugby team. He loves rugby, but he is starting to resent the fact that his future is already mapped out for him. Marshall's father has told him since he was a boy that Marshall would make up for his father's mistakes: he would be a professional rugby player, whatever the costs. Marshall is keeping a secret from his father and from everyone else, a dream that doesn't necessarily include rugby... When Marshall reconnects with Kyle, he sees him as someone he can open up to. But Kyle starts to distract Marshall from his father's dream with talk about predicting the future. Marshall doesn't care about Kyle's predictions: he wants to be the master of his own destiny.

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