Sunday 14 August 2016

August Special Prices on All Ridgemont Books!

For the month of August, Ridgemont University books are 99c!
Get all three of the sweet gay MM romance novels this month and save 67%! For one month only, all three books are available at the special price of only 99c.

Join the adventures of all of your favorite Ridgemont University characters in the first three novels, just in time for the release of book 4 in the series in early September!

Hot Off the Press follows the story of Simon and Ian as they work together on a story that will shake
the entire campus to its core. In the process, they become closer than they had anticipated. Love starts to blossom, and Simon needs to get over his insecurities to tell Ian how he feels.

In Against the Tide, Darryn and JP are fierce competitors on the Ridgemont University swimming team. Both of them are competing for glory in the finals of the Ridgemont championships, but they start to see each other as more than just teammates. Eventually, they need to help each other get through a tough term and discover that their feelings have turned into love.

The third Ridgemont University novel, All-Nighters, follows the heartbreaking story of Jesse and Luke. They are both dedicated final-year students majoring in psychology, and they spend late nights working on one of the most demanding assignments of their lives. At the same time, they need to deal with the demons of their pasts; a tragic loss, a family in ruins and a painful breakup come back to haunt them. Their initial attraction is intense and passionate, but will they be able to let go of the past and find true love?

Get book 1, Hot Off the Press, for $0.99 here.
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